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Back to fandom

Luke's potty training is pretty much the same as at the start - no improvement, but at least he hasn't gotten worse. That little boy seriously has a Bladder of Steel. It'd be great if only he knew when to hold it in and when not to.

Anyway, just thought I'd delve back into fandom again, rather than dwelling on the less-than-perfect aspects of real life. So, just because I love making lists:

Why I love Star Wars

It's the story of how a single family saves a galaxy.

It's a high fantasy, but with starships and lasers instead of castles and swords.

It's wonderfully quoatable.

It's packed with symmetry, moments that mirror each other - particularly between the two trilogies.

It encompasses a vast galactic conflict, yet at its heart it's about the intimate circumstances and feelings of individuals - like the cut from Palpatine and his aides surveying the massing of the Grand Army of the Republic to a tiny little wedding ceremony with the bride, groom, holy man and two droids being the only people present - and that simple, unassuming scene forms the crux of the whole trilogy, possibly even the whole saga, so much more than the scene directly before it

It shows that anyone, no matter how seemingly unimportant, can become a hero in some way or another. An awkward outcast can be the one to forge a connection between two antagonistic cultures; a slave boy can become a Jedi so powerful that his choices largely determine the fate of the galaxy; a farmboy can play the deciding role in a battle for freedom.

Victory is re-defined - it's not about defeating the enemy; it's about triumphing over your own demons and doubts.

Redemption is always possible. It's not watered-down or made to look easy; it's hard. But always possible.

It's a deeply religious story, though a very bare-bones, generic religion. It's about faith and self-mastery and hope and visions of something better.

The music (John Williams is my hero!) is so evocative, I can't hear it without thinking of the scene it belongs to and the emotions it draws up.

It's fun, filled with beautiful and iconic images, exciting, quick-paced, and unabashedly corny. It's the polar opposite of Hollywood pretentiousness.

And finally, it uses great cuts. No other movies nowadays use so many different ways to switch from one scene to another; it's considered hokey and out-dated. But I like it.

Well, I could think of a whole pile of other reasons if I had more time, but I have to put Emma down for her nap and make sure Luke isn't giving our carpet a special new odor. Perhaps later I'll make another such list for Harry Potter.
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